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  • Horizon Fabrics dyeing process of knit fabric dyeing with reactive dyes.
  • Dyeing process is depends Dyes and Chemicals . Different types are used for dyeing knit fabric, cotton dyeing is the most important dyeing operation among all of the dyeing process.
  • Knit fabric dying work the following steps.
  • 1)Fabric Receiving .2)  Fiber inspection .3) Batching .4) Demineralization.5) Scouring.6) Bleaching .7)  Pre - Oxide kills wash.8) Dyeing.9) Neutralization after dyeing .10) Softening .11) Fixing .12)  De watering/Squeezing .13) Drying.14) Stentering/compacting. 15) Final Inspection
  • The full wet processing techniques of knit dyeing . Pre treatment after treatment and finishing process are expressed combinedly.
  • Dyeing process: Dyeing process for different  textile material could be different but it is basic idea is some for all . Pre - treatment  style differs for the shade of dyed materials. shade may be light or deep . also these pre - treatment depends on buyers requirement.  After dyeing after treatment is necessary for get the final finished products . This sequence can be expressed  by a following steps. Gray textile materials ( Fiver, Yarn or Fabrics). a) Singeing. b) Desizing  c) Scouring . d) Bleaching. e) Mercerizing. f) Dyeing/ printing. g ) Finishing h) Marketing.
  • Grey textile materials are fiver, yarn or fabric which is also consider as the row materials for dyeing.
  • Singeing :- Singeing is the first steps of Pre- treatment. The process by which loose, hairy and projecting fibers are removed.
  • Desizing is the second  steps of pre treatment. By this process gummy materials are removed . Also size materials removed by this process.
  • Scouring is the third steps of pre treatment. This Process is performed for removing impurities of the textile materials.
  • Bleaching: Bleaching is another important step which is used to reduce natural color of the row materials . Dyeing performance depends on its much more.
  • Mercerizing: Mercerizing is the spiced types of treatment . It is performs it buyer wants . It is an additional treatment .  It increases the strength and luster of the materials .
  • Dyeing  Process and Printing:- Finishing is the last treatment of wet processing. Different types of properties can be added to the materials by different finishing effects. wet processing methods are included with dyeing , printing and finishing Process .
  • Textile materials: Textile materials are the main element of dyeing process. Generally dyeing is done on fiber , yarn and fabric. Depending on types of row materials dyeing process varies . High knowledge expert is need for better dying efficiency .
  • Dyes/Pigments: Dyes /Pigments are the main coloring materials   for coloring row textile materials. Different types of dyes are used for different types of textile materials. Dyes are varies Depending on their chemical structures. Different types of dye manufacturing companies supply different types of dyes . So before use this dye one should know the properties of dyes.
  • Chemicals and auxiliaries : After Selecting dyes one should select chemical which are suitable for which dyes. Different types of dye chemicals are used during dyeing . It helps dyes to make a better solution.
  • Machinery for pretreatment : Before dyeing row textile materials need to pre-tratment.  Because Dyeing performance depends on better   pretreatment . Different type of gummy materials  exist with row materials. Different types of dyeing machine are available for different type of textile materials.
  • Utilities:  In  these sector utilities means water gas , electricity or others. Huge amount of water for dyeing .    So water plays a vital role in dyeing  process. So we should be careful about it. Gas or Electricity is must for running dyeing process.
After Dyeing one will get a dyed materials then one should send if for after treatment. where neutralization washing is done. During after treatment different parameter  is maintained . Dyeing is a huge sector . If one wants to do something better in this sector . He should be more efficient .  Theorical and paractical knowledge should be combined. One should be concern about the type of fiver , yarn or fabric. Their chemical structure and for fabric its fabric structure. At Last Horizon fabric dyeing after completing dyeing . One will get an attractive and comfortable and product which is eay to use.